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Applicable To All Industries

Regardless of the industry, digital signage can be simple, sophisticated, and impactful. Utica Signs offers a wide range of free templates that are readily available for various business sectors and purposes.

Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

Key Features

Our digital signage solutions offer key features such as social media apps, playlist creation, scheduling, and support for Google Docs and bringing your own files. With our easy-to-use platform, you can effortlessly display a variety of content on your screens. Plus, our customer support team is always available to assist you.

Show images and videos and set audio files on your screen with a simple drag & drop. Get thousands of free stock images and videos from our Gallery, or show YouTube videos.

Display PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in seconds by dragging & dropping them from your PC into the Utica Signs Portal. Preserve PowerPoint transitions and animations as Utica Signs automatically converts and uploads your file as a video.

Seamlessly display web pages and data dashboards from online services or corporate networks. Log in to sites automatically. Utica Signs also preloads web pages in your Playlists so that they display instantly.

Create stunning playlists using your favorite media – including images, videos, web pages and documents – with a simple drag & drop. Enjoy instant transitions, with no black screens between media.

Show stunning content immediately with our free, professionally designed screen layout templates. They’re fully customizable so you can use your own branding! Take advantage of digital signage features and benefits, in seconds.

Show data dashboards from your favorite online business services. Also, create news tickers in seconds, using the world’s most popular news providers. Browse our Widget Gallery for more great widgets. All free, all easy to use.

Our Players support all standard resolutions, including Full-HD or 4K/UHD. Got a different screen orientation? It’s a breeze to select the type of orientation you want.

Need to turn off your screens during off-hours? Do it remotely, to save power and extend your screen’s life. Utica Signs supports CEC-enabled screens! Save money with digital signage features and benefits.

Show different content during different hours or days, to target specific groups of customers or clients you want to attract. And changing a schedule is a breeze. Easily plan ahead, for as long as you need.

Use weather, traffic maps, and world clock apps to bring your screens to life, or promote your business with social apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Google reviews, etc.

Create custom playlists by combining any content from images and videos to apps.

Why Everyone Loves Display

Screen For Their Office or Building

Learn the benefits of digital signage

One of the biggest benefits of adopting digital signage is its simplicity of distributing dynamic information.

It can be used in virtually any environment with markets including restaurant, bars, education and more.

With solutions ranging from the classic digital menu board to stunning video walls, it helps reduce costs.

  • Visual content receives 94% more views compared to text-based information.
  • Research shows that individuals can retain 65% of visually presented information even after three days.
  • According to studies, digital signage can significantly boost brand awareness with a 47.7% effectiveness rate.
  • Digital signage boasts a higher recall rate of 83%, nearly double that of traditional advertising.
  • Presentations that incorporate visual aids are deemed more persuasive, with a 43% higher success rate than those without.
  • Our cloud-based signage software drives engagement, improves communication, and boosts sales.

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